Humans, so beautifully complicated lumps of flesh, blood and bones. Fragile beings who walk upright, communicates thru utterances and is un-adapted to life on earth!

Of all the species of life on earth it is mankind that stands out among all others. We are the hairless, two legged creatures who’s strength is in numbers, unable to fend for ourselves alone, yet thrive in the company of our kind.

We have learned how to hunt and gather food, talk to others of different tribes to barter, buy and sell. We have learned to manage our genetics marrying our females off to other tribes for not just healthy children but to live peacefully by each other.

No other species on earth does this.

We are the Aliens on this planet that have used our brains and interaction with others to learn, grow and prosper. We adapt to the conditions around us, if we’re cold we put on other creatures fur for warmth as we (modern man) never had it ourselves.

Where we came from the environment was perfect. We had no use for hair to keep us warm or to protect our skins. Our natural sun didn’t give off UV rays as Earth’s does burning us or giving us cancer.

We had no need to live in houses as we do on earth as we were the top predator, nothing hunted us or ate us. We had no need to protect ourselves from other creatures on our home world.

When our ancestors  came to Earth from their dying planet they came with limited technology for survival. They found it inhabited with primitive creatures. They learned that with genetic engineering they would be able to assimilate these creatures with their code and thrive, giving them a chance to live on as hybrids.

We genetically inherited their curiosity, their intelligence to figure out problems and their inventiveness to make life easier for us, yet at night we looked up to the stars and intuitively knew that that was where we came from.

In the beginning we passed on this knowledge in oral tradition from one generation to another. All the stories were the same, spread across the world, time changing names to their languages and customs. But still telling us we came from the heavens. That we were star children.

Man found this truth so definable to who they were that they wrote it in stone, pictures on the walls of caves, in great monuments with the names of their Ancestors written on the bases and faces so that whom ever looked upon them would know our story and would not be forgotten.

Now it’s up to us to rediscover our past as we look to the future. We need to find our past, we long to return to the stars, to find our home. We know many left our home world and were scattered among the billions of stars and planets. We are driven to find them and reach out to them. We will never feel complete until we do.


Have always asked "Are we alone" and was never satisfied with the answer. I'm know on a quest to learn all I can about who are Creator's were? How we got here and what we really are beyond "Children of the Stars"!

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  1. Becky Sivley says:

    Excellent article Cheryl!

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