Unidentified Flying Object


UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)

Flying Saucer


UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) is not a new word for every one, and every one are very understands the meaning for this word, that means is the flying object can not be identified or the flying object never see before by the observer also can call it to UFO. (Roswell UFO Incident 2007) Every day, has a lot of the hearsay or news about the UFO or aliens to go the round to us, and this word or this topic are also to come for the scientist and astronomers to thorough study this topic and very constructive to find out the proof to support he or she contention and need to proof human whether alone in the world. Have half of the people believed that the UFO or alien is really existence, and they believed human is not alone in the world. But on other side is disagree this statement and believed human is alone in the world, the reason is they never see UFO and alien before, so they do not believe that about other “high wisdom living things” is existence. This essay will examine the arguments about existence of Alien and UFO.

The existence of alien believe by some of the people is because there are about three different ways or statement to make the people believe the high wisdom living things that refer to alien is existence, that are included the UFO appear in front of them before, the various unimaginable activities make by the alien hearsay are spread for every day, and they found a lot of the alien vestige from the history. This all is a reasons to make the people believed the alien is existence and human is not alone in the world.

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)

Different types of UFOs

Start from the era of 40, the cases of UFO are keep on coming out on the difference places in the world and more than million peoples have say that they have meet UFO before. In the presence of all the cases, the case on 13 March 1997 is more famous in the history due to the time where more than ten thousand people visit the unimaginable image together; this case comes up from the Phoenix city of America. On that day night of Arizona of America, around ten thousand peoples saw the sky appear 5 to 6 unidentified object of light and they to arrange in V word and fly over the city with very slowly and quietly, The visitor say, the size for every unidentified object of light bigger like the 747 air plane. This case became the citizen very scared and fear the alien will attack earth and they start to believe the aliens is really existence. The sheriff of Arizona of America on that time, make a news conference and deny this case is true to solve this case to make the citizen scared. But after ten years ago, this sheriff recognize he speak a falsehood on that time, the purpose for he speak a falsehood is needs to maintain the social order and dun want make the citizen feel scared, because he is public must be responsible what he talking and every word he say also will influence the people thinking and felling, so he choice speck a falsehood. After few years ago, he feel very guilty conscience and he think he needs to telling a true to every one, he say, on that day night he also have visit the unidentified object of light and say that light very beautiful and the flying object size very bigger, they saw the situation is same with the visitor on that time. After he makes a statement publicly, the topic of the UFO becomes the hot topic immediately, and he also is a first high ranking office to recognize the UFO case is true. (UFO Incident 2007) After they experience the situation that are unexplained, they also say and believed the UFO is transportation for the aliens to come to our planet, earth. And the appearance of the UFO has three types that is shape like disc, sphere, and the shape like a cigar, but the same is that (UFO) also can flying very high speed, shine and the size big like the 747 air plane. And the alien is establishing to living thing coming from other planet, and they are other very high wisdom living thing except human in the world. And they can be differentiate to smaller, bigger than human and the body size same with human 3 difference types are hearsay before, and they have very big eye and skull, and no any hair on they head. (The mystery of Alien n.d.) this all is descriptive by the detector, and many types of the UFO and alien maybe is not come from same places, or other exposition is difference UFO have differences function, for the example, we have air plane, bombing plane, helicopter, and so on. Difference types of alien can be exposition to difference race, for the example, in our earth have American, Chinese, Indian, African, difference race have difference size of body and difference color of skin. (The mystery of Alien n.d.)

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)

Colorful UFOs

In this all of the cases in the history, though the government denies all the cases, the reason is needs to maintain the social order, but other side, the government secretly conducts a lot of the project to study the UFO and the alien cases, because they start scared the reasons for the alien to come to our planet, because happen more and more cases of kidnapping that are related to alien. They believe he or she is kidnapping by the alien is because he or she body also can found the metal blade, and on they skin for the part of embedding the metal blade haven any scar, in our medical skill is can not or impossible can do that, this show they kidnapping by the alien maybe is true and other civilization medical skill is more over than human. And after study by the scientist, discover have 11 material in the metal blade is no in earth, this show the 11 material maybe is come from other planet, and the person after kidnapping by the alien normally will losses they memory, after adopt the hypnotherapy just know what happen occur on he or she experience. (The mystery of Alien n.d.) Start from 1966, the United Nation seriously noted the cases of the aliens; the reason is wants to avoid the war of interplanetary at first, because the technology level is lower than the alien. The air force schools on America already provide the Ufology course to teach the soldier how to identify the flying object and how to handle when engage with the alien. (Verification of UFO and Alien n.d.) this can show that, the government start run some programs to avoid conflict with alien.

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)

Unidentified Orbs

In other sides, though the government denies the cases, but the unexplained cases also keep it on to come out and the case is the government can not to denies, because the images is happening in front of the peoples, for the example, the farm, many beautiful and special logo come out in the farm. The first case is come out on 1983 in England, after that, the different logo happening more and more come out on different places. The most special aspect is that every logo in the farm also have more higher radiometer and the wheat is dump and have not snap, and when the farm come out the logo, the farm harvest will be increase. The scientist until now also unable to give an answer and do not know how to solve this mystery. Another incident is that, a person saw how the logo have been done, he said, the logo is big in size but it only take around 3 second but there do not any witness around the happening and than a lot of the questions could not be answer by the scientist, so most people it is make by the other high wisdom living things, and they try to use it all logo to tell us something’s, but no any one know what the means for they try to telling us. (Alien Wheat logo 2007) This incident was unable to be denied by the government because the logo was showed in front of the people.

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)

Battle For The Sky

Beside that, except a lot of the cases about the UFO is happening right now but they (alien) do not just discover by us, actually, they come to our planet already have more than thousand years ago, in our history already have record the cases of the UFO, but on that time, they have not idea or dun not know what is that, and they just thinks or explain they is a cloud of colorful ( because UFO have a lot of the light, so looking like a cloud and very colorful.) a ring of the light, and have some person thinks they is god. This all normally is record on the hymnbook. Furthermore, except record on the hymnbook, are also have record on the wall-painting, the pyramid is a good example for this, because on the wall-painting in the pyramid appear the image of the air plane, helicopter, computer in that, it really inconceivable. Because the first air plane in come out on 1903, but now discover that appear on 3000 years ago on the wall-painting in the pyramid, this make the people of archaeology associate the alien have come here before, if follow this statement, just can explain the pyramid is build by the alien, because on that time the Egyptian is not enough technology to do that, and they is impossible to move the stone (the most lightly stone is around 2.5 ton, and most weight stone is around 50 ton) and carry it and fix it into the pyramid. (Science human Inc n.d.) So, after more and more unexplained cases come out and this is only way can answer this all is other high wisdom civilization from other planet is really existence and human is not alone in the world.

Although have a lot of the statement to show the alien is existence, but other side of the peoples still persist in one’s opinion and unbelievable have other living things existence in the world. The reasons of them persistent is they haven see alien or UFO before, and have a lot of the proof or photo is counterfeit, make it by some bodies. Other of the reasons is they believe the government and the scientist statement, and have a lot of the flying object is new technology, just is military aircraft, not a UFO.

Even thought have a lot of the hearsay is about the cases of the UFO, but, this statement for the peoples is wrong, because in their opinion, they just will assume all this cases is the counterfeit, the reason is, if the case is really happening more and more, why they haven see before. And they believe that, the hearsay also is some bodies to make it out, the purposed for they make it out maybe is needs to destroy the social order, for fun, or maybe is needs to achieve the purposed to get the political power. For the example, have a picture spread on internet, which picture show the president of America, shake hands with alien. The picture maker must needs to destroy he prestige, and let the peoples thinks he collaboration with alien and betray human, and himself (the picture maker) just can get more the political power if the president to fall from power. After that, the president has to clarify some facts, and take the picture say that is counterfeit. (The Biggest Secret Forum 2003) this has showed that, the cases of alien just is maker by some one that is not trued.

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)

Foo Fighters

Other then that, the scientist overthrows the statement of the alien is existence, the reason is, if the alien is really existence, but the distance between solar system and most near by stellar system also have 4.3 a light-year, that mean if the alien to travel by the airship with more quickly, also need to spend more then ten thousand years, they is impossible have enough the fuel material and they is impossible can live logger like that, so the alien come to our planet is not possible. The reason of the peoples visit the flying objects normally is related with the air plane, an artificial satellite, a planet, and the cause of atmosphere, is not the UFO, and the scientist ask the citizen needs cerebral, there just is the citizen illusion, the living things from other planet is not existence. (Scientists hold a negative attitude toward the UFO 2004)

Beside that, have one more point to support the people’s visit the UFO is mistakes, that is the new technology, because the new technology are integration to the new design flying object, and the new flying object is the citizen haven see it before, and when the new flying object appear in front of the peoples, that will make them mistaking and thinks that is UFO. Actually now have a lot of the developed countries already have a lot of the flying objects for the new design or new technology is haven to make known to the public, for the example like the F-117 invisible opportunity for combat make by America also is difference with the tradition opportunity for combat, if the America government no make known to the public, the citizen also will thinks that is UFO when the F-117 appear. Except the F-117 also have a lot of the flying object for new design is not making known to the public again, for the example like England have success to develop the new flying object and give a name to GFS. The figure of this flying object most looking like UFO, actually this function most like UAV, just only research and take photo from the sky, and help to rescue hostage. And now the war industries try to fix the unpiloted system to GFS to reduce the numbers of the casualty. (British development of new types of unmanned aircraft appearance did were quite similar UFO 2007)

In conclusion, after research a lot of the point for the alien is not existence, but in my thinking or my opinion, I still believe the living things from other planet is existence and they is really appear in earth, the cases of the hearsay is not counterfeit at all, the reason is, I believe technology can overcome any things hinder in our facing now, for the example, the report for the F-117 before done, also show this opportunity for combat is no people can operate it, because the pressure of the speed is not fitting and proper for the people to operate it. After developed, and give some special training to the operator, finally the result is successes. This show the technology is can overcome any hinder and i thinks they (alien) is overcome all of the problems, so they can fly over the stellar system to our planet. I believe human also can do it finally.


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