The sounds of trumpets across the sky’s is a very eerie phenomenon that seems to elude explanation. No one seems to know what causes it or where they come from.

Many believe it is the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse sounding the trumpets as in the book of Revelations, unleashing the horrors upon the world.

I can’t deny that the state of the world today is in turmoil. Disease, famine, war and death have been in our faces on the news and seems to be escalating each day.

Peace seems to be elusive even when we try to reach a peaceful conclusion. We need to try harder, until we succeed. We need to summon as much passion for peace as we do for war and make it reality.

We have goals to achieve and need to redirect our mind set to do it. Long term space travel cannot be achieved by one nation but many in cooperation. Our future is in space, finding our home planet and gleaning answers as to our origins.

If we want to live in a “Galactic Community” we need to achieve peace globally here on earth first before we can strive for bigger, brighter, better things!

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