I want to inject a thought. you know how we have headphones? specifically sound isolation headphones. If you’re familiar with acoustic meditation or binaural tones, etc…you’ll notice these sounds are normally inaudible in normal human hearing. 

It has effects on our brain and possibly the endocrine system (more studies needed of course) my theory is, one function of the pyramid at least in egypt (in my opinion) was to be a acoustic meditation chamber. Their consciousness and states of worship would be affected. Maybe they knew of acoustic levitation but that’s hard to be accurate about that.images (1)

We know there are water systems under the pyramids that could vibrate the pyramids along with that extra amplified sound. If we reference Tibetan bowl meditation I’d imagine the sounds and effects would be very similar yet on a much more larger scale.

If one was to include the electricity this generates on top of the electromagnetic field created around it, the scientific possibilities around them are really grand. One possibility is the pyramids could have served as capacitors.download

When a ship plugged into it like a battery that energy could be transferred or at least create a field to lift them into the sky then switch to another power method (possibly ultrasonic acoustic levitation, and sonoluminescence etc.. ) We see at the Temple Of abydos odd flying or mechanical structures in hieroglyphics along with alien like figurines.

this w was found in America, According to Djedi festivals the circular object had to be mirror like

This w was found in America, According to Djedi festivals the circular object had to be mirror like.

is it possible humanity has been influenced by others? Did we build this? or did someone else, maybe with our help? Our strength could have been amplified etc. there are many possibilities. I think at a small scale these devices were religious energy centres. If you go in a pyramid and sing, you’ll know exactly what I mean XDaliens-royal-museum

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