The Utchat Eye, also known as the Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra carries a great deal of truth within its borders. The numbers, symbols, and anatomical truth which leads to a new glorious understanding about why the EYE was important and so dominantly portrayed.

Like the ANKH, the UTCHAT EYE is mesmerizing. You know there is something here you should know, but you can’t quite¬†figure it out. Let me help you ~

The visual is pretty explanatory, but there is so much more. Anatomically, the eye contains WATER (vitreous fluid) and, the visual shows you that what comes out of that part of the eye is FIRE and LIGHT. The WATER so important to this truth.

Next, there are the three circles of MAN from the “Language of Light” symbols. The pupil being the hidden GOD within you, the iris being the you which is manifest on earth (mankind), and then there is the globe of the eye which represents GOD/SPIRIT. This is the truth of The Bible, father, son, and holy ghost.

Luke 11:34 – “The light of the body is the eye.”

The fraction of 62/64th is also pertinent, in that, 62 equals an 8. This is the number of the spiral and the two circles which start the spiraling energy of spirit. The 64 equals a 10 and this is the number of harmony. Without harmony, you cannot get to the spiral.

Aristotle said that you must reach beyond YOUR HUMANNESS to touch the face of your genesis.

Our world is a world of water for a reason. We are literally tears which have fallen from the stars.

by Judy Beebe


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