The Unraveling of Separation

The Unraveling of Separation

The Unraveling of Separation-As 2015 was a number 8 spiritual year that represented material manifestation – how we manifest in the physical world as a provider, in achieving balance and justice, self-discipline and strength, so 2016 is about endings: old worn out belief systems, attitudes, and patterns of passed down behaviors that have created separation and do not serve a united humanity, the completion of relationships, eliminating the clutter of old things that carry old energies no longer a part of who we are now, and a year of forgiveness that is so essential to letting go. Because the old is being cast away and separation is beginning to unravel, we may very well be surprised of what is revealed to us on a universal, global and individual level that will expand how we perceive and experience the world around us. Creating beauty and being kind and charitable is so important this year.

Global Influence

Our planetary number 9 year will highlight the fact that humanity is in the midst of radical change toward ending separation. The stages of the “Great Awakening” have been slowly happening for decades. Why does it appear and feel like we have come to the plateau of our utmost madness of separation from one another? It’s because all that behind the scenes work and underlying upward movement of the energies of Light have pushed forth the world’s dirty laundry to the top of the heap for us to more clearly see. We’ve each had a few grimy articles in that laundry heap, haven’t we? Never thought things could get so darkly outrageous? So self-righteously hateful? So insane? Welcome to the top of the mountain where the air is clearing and the view is becoming expansive. Please, let’s breathe and calm ourselves. To see clearly is in part, what we are here for.

Exclusivity, reaching a crescendo, will begin to slowly fade. We are so embarrassed by our own backwardness that most of us thought we’d overcome. But, there it is for the world to see. We are witnessing the fear of losing being exclusive through our anger and increased righteous religious hatred with the drive to make those who hate the most, more special and separate. But now, because we can see not only “their” fears, we can see “our” fears are equally separating; this game of illusion is coming ever closer to an end. It’s preparing to come undone folks.

Global social networking on the Internet has been bringing us all together for years now, and we see what’s in each other’s backyard. While our fellow brothers and sisters have been quietly getting to know one another through social media, we have come to realize that “they” are really “us”. And we’ve been very happily getting to know one another too. It’s been a joy to see beyond the illusions that were once placed before us. We’ve discovered we are essentially the same. All the illusions of war are in the political/religious leadership arena only and those ideologies and agendas are not of the people. We must remember that! The game of ignorance through isolation tactics is also unraveling.

The point is this: facing our fears for what they really are is an act of Love. This is our job.

Conscious compassion for all diverse beings is what humanity has been struggling to evolve into – the pathway to true knowledge and spiritual advancement. Take that a step further beyond earth and out into the universe and see everything as universally interdependent and full of life. Our number 9 year at this point of time in the human struggle for spiritual expansion is now the perfect medium in history in which we could finally get something we’ve been forever waiting for: Extra-terrestrial confirmation. This highly guarded secret may be globally exposed. We’ve always known the truth that we’ve never been alone. Millions of us have had our own experiences. It will be the game-changer that will draw us away from our small ideas of bickering exclusivity to a knowledge that we are so much more than we ever thought we were, that we can learn, grow, and unify in ways we’ve only imagined or watched while eating popcorn at the movie theater.

This number 9 year is a closing of the previous eight years of a great cycle of experience in spiritual growth as human beings. We are at a threshold. We must be willing to let go in order to open the door to what’s more real and worthwhile – worthy of our time, energy, and space. We must open ourselves to a universe of knowledge that we can play an important role in, instead of isolating ourselves. Start getting excited for what’s to come beyond the fear!

Individual Influence

Add the digit of our birth month and the digit of our day of birth to the digit of the current year. This rule is the same for everyone. Here’s an example on how to figure it:

Birth month is March = (3) Birth day is 15 = (6) Current year is 2016 = (9)

Total: 3 + 6 + 9 = 27 = 9

If this is a number 9 year for any of us personally, this magnified 9 influence means an extraordinary trend of completion opportunities. These can be either of our own making or imposed upon us by the Universe for our own good. The caution for this year is to also be aware of attempts to try to hold onto to something or someone that really desires its freedom, because the more we hold tight, the more something wants to get away. Put this into a personal context and give the gift of freedom, as difficult as it may seem to be. But really, giving something freedom is true freedom for all involved. Life simply has a way of clearing and changing things in order to create the new. This is spiritual growth. Completion should not be looked at as a failure or sorrow, because the purpose of life here on earth is to move forward in love, so everything eventually can be viewed as a reward of sorts, making way to new opportunities and new interests in life. This is a form of destiny. And this is indeed a form of the end of separating things/people to bring forth a flow of unity.

We may also find that certain interests and activities no longer inspire us. Anything from a job to a social group or hobby may have run its course and we find ourselves asking what else is out there to discover and invigorate our creative desires and service. We must give life a chance to help us out though – don’t force – and be open to broader interests that may be birthed now, even though not fully carried out until the new number 1 cycle of the next year.

Because this year is in a sense a winding down year, it’s important to not overwork. It is essential to take leisure time. Vow to have more fun and bring in more joy and beauty to the simple things in life.

We can find this one of the most enlightening years of our life; a reward of love, forgiveness, releasing old patterns of beliefs and behaviors of separation, of sympathy, understanding, tolerance, and fulfillment of positive new visions and ideas can result and bring monetary assistance as well as appreciation. Envision ourselves as a part of a vastly greater plan and part of a unified Universe. Look up into the sky. We know we are not the only beings on a living, growing planet. Imagine the universe is finally opened up to us – what we have always known. Just imagine. That changes everything! How we write the story of 2016 is up to each one of us, and I say, don’t stop looking up.

Triza Schultz – Psychic Empath Medium

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