I was going thru my gallery and focused in all of the Stones that make up the pyramids, temples and walls found globally. What masterpieces they truly are!

Two questions kept entering my thoughts. “How did they cut these?” and “How did they move them?”

There size, precision of cuts and placement is mind boggling. They are global and span thousands of years and many different cultures who at that time had no technology to do what we, today can’t master with our technology not to mention moving these megalithic stones into place.

They had to have had help, Alien type help to do this. It’s the only answer I can come up with. They shared it globally thru the humans they found clustered around the world. It is one of their best calling cards we today can look at and ponder on who, when and how.

Please enjoy my gallery

The Stones


Have always asked "Are we alone" and was never satisfied with the answer. I'm know on a quest to learn all I can about who are Creator's were? How we got here and what we really are beyond "Children of the Stars"!

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