The people of lot denied the warnings. We unleashed a sudden squall of stones against all of them.
Qur’an 54:33-34

The People of Lot

 The land of Anatolia the planes of Mesopotamia the Arabian peninsula and the continent of Africa have witnessed the birth of different civilizations since the beginning of time, god (extraterrestrial) sent messengers to them through out history and call them to their path. Those people who refused to believe the messenger sent to them who tried to kill or exile them were all destroyed. One of these civilizations was found within the borders of present day state of Israel. This people who settled by the shores of the dead sea were the people of Lot. According to the Koran homosexuality was so ripe among these people to whom the prophet Lot had been sent that its like never been seen before.

When their brother Lut said to them, “will you not do your duty? I am faithfully messenger to you. So heed god (extraterrestrial) and obey me. I do not ask you for any wages for it. My wage is the responsibility of no one but the lord (extraterrestrial)  of all the worlds. Of all beings do you lie with males, leaving the wives god (extraterrestrial)  has created for you? You are a people who have overstepped the limits”
Qur’an 26:161-166

When Lot told them to renounce their ways and brought them gods (extraterrestrial)  commands they denied him, rejected that he was a prophet and continued with their aberrant ways. In return for that behavior they were destroyed in a terrible catastrophe. When we look at the old testament the holy book both of Christian and Jews we see that the matter is described in the same terms as in the Qur’an. According to the old testament the city where these  people lived was called Sodom. Archeological discoveries from excavation revealed that the city was built near the dead sea which runs along the Israeli, Jordanian borders. Archeologist working in the area unearthed evidence of a terrible disaster where terrible damage to the human skeletons bore the evidence of a powerful earthquake and volcano.

According to the Qur’an angels (extraterrestrial)  came to lot and gave him this warning the night before the disaster they said

“Lot, we are the messengers from your lord (extraterrestrial) . They will not be able to get at you. Set out with your family -except for your wife- in the middle of the night and none of you should look back. What strikes them will strike her as well. Their promised appointments is in the morning, Is the morning not close at hand?”

When our command came, we turned their cities upside down and rained down on them stones of hard baked clay; piled on top of one another in layers, each one earmarked by your lord (extraterrestrial) . And they are never far from the wrongdoers.
(Qur‘an, 11:81-83)

The expression turning their cities upside down in all probability refers to the region being shattered in a powerful volcano and earthquake. According to news story carried by the BBC under the title scientists uncover Sodom’s fiery end the British geologists Graham Harris was one of the scientists to discover powerful evidence on the subject. According to Dr. Harris Sodom had been built in the shores if the dead sea and traded in the. Asphalt found in the region This tarry substance was used in ancient times to water proof boats and to hold stones together in buildings. Yet this settlement area right by the dead sea also stood on very unstable land this was the point where two tectonic plates moving in opposite directions met. This was an earthquake zone.

 The extraterrestrials who were trying to direct the inhabitants of Sodom through prophets like Lot who is the descendant of Noah had enough. It’s obvious we are dealing with intelligent beings who have clearly warned the population and helped their man Lot escape. The word earmark stands out as precision guided technology aimed for these particular cities, is it possible the extraterrestrials influenced forces that be and help accelerate the movements of the tectonic plates in turn causing a monumental volcano and earthquakes which led to the demise of Sodom and Gomorrah? 


Independent Researcher.

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  1. Charmaine Hegna   says:

    thanks you nice article.

    • Watcher says:

      Watchers Talk is hosting an online webinar coming on June 20/21 with 13 presenters 6 am-9 pm pst and if you can donate that will be huge help as it helps us pay for all this and continue to bring you top quality content.

  2. Watcher says:

    It’s possible they may have used the Black Knight satellite to distribute the sound waves to destabilize the tectonic plates and volcanism.

  3. They warned lot and his wife to not look back, they lit Sodom with sulfer, as lot and his crew listened to the messenger, running from the smoking city, his wife turned around and became a pillar of salt.

  4. omar says:

    i’m thinking they used some sort of sound resonance technology possibly from orbit to accelerate the process of this disaster.

  5. sherry.putnam.73 says:

    This is news to me about Lot’s wife and if it was a volcanic eruption that eradicated the city then it means they had tech if they were able to destroyed something using a volcano they would of had to have a very high standard of technology at this point in time … There are rods and spheres going in and out of Volcanoes all the time this could be part of a left over tech thats programmed to continue whether they are here or not …. Most likely set up this way for future endeavours nice post …

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