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  1. Charmaine Hegna   says:

    thanks you nice article.

    • Watcher says:

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  2. Watcher says:

    It’s possible they may have used the Black Knight satellite to distribute the sound waves to destabilize the tectonic plates and volcanism.

  3. They warned lot and his wife to not look back, they lit Sodom with sulfer, as lot and his crew listened to the messenger, running from the smoking city, his wife turned around and became a pillar of salt.

  4. omar says:

    i’m thinking they used some sort of sound resonance technology possibly from orbit to accelerate the process of this disaster.

  5. sherry.putnam.73 says:

    This is news to me about Lot’s wife and if it was a volcanic eruption that eradicated the city then it means they had tech if they were able to destroyed something using a volcano they would of had to have a very high standard of technology at this point in time … There are rods and spheres going in and out of Volcanoes all the time this could be part of a left over tech thats programmed to continue whether they are here or not …. Most likely set up this way for future endeavours nice post …

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