The Handbag

For years I found the image of the hand bags familiar. It took a while before I could place where I saw something like these before.

When it dawned on me I was dumbstruck and everything seemed to fall into place! When we are looking in the past we seem to forget they are trying to tell us in the future!

Hand Bag

We look at these pictures thinking they’re showing us something from that era. What if they are showing us technology from the future?


What if this mysterious handbag was staring us in the face everyday and we never put the 2 together?

correlations of tech

Below is what I think it could be. A highly sophisticated data bank!


The heart of all Ancient knowledge! All intergalactic flight, the instructions for all creation in the hands of our ancestors.

Once inserted into a ship or computer it is ready for travel, building and creating giving our ancestors the power of the gods!

predynastic astronaut

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  1. Shroom Head says:

    We have all the hand bags and they are always made out of granite and quartz for a reasons… If you had a radio that was emitting energy quartz would glow red and shock you with piezoelectric forces wireless.. We use the quartz in ultrasound old crystal radios and RC cars on both ends.. This technology allready exists in todays world.. why cant we build it on a large scale to power the world and all you need to do is pick up some quartz.. The Tesla tower offers this energy the ancients had. Tesla was the true prophet from god that offered us gods light and humankind didnt listen and went the wrong way yet again..

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