The box

The box laid in the room, closed up
The box had never been open, only shut
Too often they were told not to peek
Every time they tried, they were told not to seek

That box, laid in the room was black, and closed
Opening the box was strongly apposed
Yet the curious always sought a way to open it
Getting closer every day, bit by bit
One day a group stood idly by
A man stood talking about the lie
“This box isn’t meant to be closed, but open”
Every person listened quietly at the words that were spoken.

The Man walked over to the box, and placed a hand
“Today we take a stand.”
“We will no longer live in this box.”
He said loudly as he opened the lock

Everyone stood in awe, as they saw
They watched as the lies start to fall
The box let out a song, and the colors flew
They then realized the lies, they finally new

This world wasn’t meant to be boxed in
It was meant to be open, and let wonder in
So next time you see that box
Open that lock

You will be awakened, and you will finally stand
You will see all, and seek everything in the land
Never stay inside that box, come out and stay
Live outside the box every single day.

Melissa Rust

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