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Ray Davis: Anunnaki Awakening

Ever wonder about the Anunnaki?Who were they?Where did they come from?Did they create the human species?Will they return?Find out who they were today right here live on Watchers Talk with featured guest independent researcher author of Anunnaki Awakening Revelations Ray Davis at 4 pm PST with your host Omar.90 mins of nothing but the Anunnaki, if you have any questions for our speaker please post them here and I will be sure to ask Ray.To our Canadian viewers and followers Happy Thanksgiving.To learn more about Ray and the Anunnaki Awakening please follow the provided link.https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0692761551/ref=as_li_tl…With Love and UnityWatcherstalk.comhttps://ray-davis.comhttp://klausdonamysteries.x10host.com/index.htmlhttp://portaltoascension.org

Posted by Watchers Talk on Sunday, October 8, 2017
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The Anunnaki Awakening Trilogy The Awakening Has Begun!

  Human origins remain a complex and controversial topic. Organized religion, mainstream science, and pop culture all have their strongly held opinions on who we are, how we got here, and where we’re going....

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Join me Sept 12 with Shaman and Psychic Medium Aaron Fowler at 6 PM PST live here on Watchers Talk. Check out Aarons page link is provided at the bottom. If you have any...

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What are the Nazca Lines? Discovered by Peruvian archaeologist Toribio Mejia Xesspe who spotted them while hiking through the surrounding foothills in 1927 they were not well known until seen from aircraft in the...

Anunnaki Awakening Trilogy

Ray Davis

Anunnaki Awakening Trilogy

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