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Senusret III

Senusret III Senusret III (c. 1878-1860 BCE, also known as Senwosret III, Sesostris III) was the 5th king of the 12th Dynasty of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt (2040-1782 BCE). His reign is often considered the height...

Life And Times Of Ancient Egypt

What do we know about the lives of the ancient Egyptians? Tomb paintings and sacred hieroglyphic texts show a glimpse into the world of the elite, but information on the lives of ordinary people...

ankh art

Art of Ancient Egypt

Art of ancient Egypt-Beautiful mysterious life and times of our ancestors. Through their art we get a brief look as to how they lived, worshiped and died.



  The Sphinx -On the falsity of this view point to the  Most often you can hear that the nose of the Sphinx that this part of the statue was lost to a cannonball during...

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