The Storm
She sits, she breaths in and out
She thinks about what life’s about
She doesn’t know where she belongs
She believes her whole life is wrong

Her storm brews stronger each day
She fights it in every way
She bottles up the lighting, the wind, and the rain
She tries to hide her pain

She doesn’t know that, the impeding storm
Within her body’s form
Must be let out
So she can live her life and know what its about

She’s afraid, she is lost
She’s hidden this with a cost
She fakes her smile, her happiness
She feels hopeless

If she only knew that her storm was her soul
That it wasn’t a battle; it was her life essence that needed to flow
She was part of mother earth, she felt it all
She took a deep breath, and watch the storm fall

She watched the lightening, the wind, the rain
Let let go of all her pain
She opened her eyes, she’s finally awake
And she finally knew what was at stake

She knew what she had to do to stay awake
This life of hers, was hers to make
She breathed and let her storm show
She walked within mother natures glow

She was born of this Earth
It was her gift since birth
She felt everyone’s pain, she was an Empath
This was what her life was given, her path

She would never hide her storm, she would let it flow
Let it radiate her, she shined with the lightening s glow
Her eyes glistened from the rain
And her strong winds blew away her pain

She sat there with a smile on her face
She finally knew her place
She found herself within the storms eye
She was finally ready to fly

Dedicated to my ladies

by  Melissa Rust

2 Responses

  1. Emilio Kotarski says:

    I hope more such alerts, really good piece of article.

  2. Watcher says:

    Fantastic poem really enjoyed reading this piece, thank you so much.

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