Whispers of the air secrets of silence, frequency disruptions flowing so rare; For them, the truth they can not bare. More awakened sparks of consciousness, enlightened souls can now see, what knowledge of truth inside our strands, deep in the particles inside of me. From stardust to sand, we’re magically souls made of *energy*; We are the creators that created thee. As more is changing, I fear not, for wherever I land next will be amazing. Returning to dust i will travel light speed,returning to my council, pure sparkling energy of lights, I will once again agree to be another me, possibly even choose a different Galaxy. I am eternal, infinite cellular trilogy infused, some may laugh or be amused. As my story unravels time will tell, as more resonate and rings a bell. I’ve seen so much discreción will arise, I rid the fear, the truth that’s hidden will no longer be lies, open eyes.  Senses activated in touch with all, beings and masters God’s and answers.  Everything is real, Know that, man its something I can literally see smell touch and feel.  Negative blocks sometimes a trap blocking my eyes that loud sound is definitely on the map. Notice or not I hear everything the sounds of the winds, in this pause, I am aware of this cause. Notice all look more deeper, be a truth seeker. Our trillions of cells speak as a conscious, heart brain is real, but many beg to steal. Fear nothing for there’s nothing to fear, that’s just False Evidence Appearing Real.  I have much to be revealed, until next time, my l2 are sealed. ☆


Independent Researcher.

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks for your reply, in my eyes anything is possible, I was 3 years bred ridden going paralyzed more each day and healed.

  2. Anynomus says:

    Great poem very powerful… My mother lost her sight in one eye… She is of the close minded type… We were arguing about things as such… When I told her that losing her sight didn’t matter because she never used her vision to begin with. How can you go blind when you never saw to begin with…. Is it a gift or curse???

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