SAMYAZA he is called the devil Lucifer and Satan his name conjures up horrifying images of a horned demon who’s sole purpose is to corrupt and destroy mankind. Satan has become the catch all for embodiment of evil, when we think of Satan we think of this character that rules over the land of flames the red guy with horns and a pitch fork but than on the darker side Satan has become a terrifying frightening embodiment of evil who causes man to do terrible things who is the source of torture death and destruction.

Are these perceptions of Satan correct? Is he really the master of all things evil in the universe? In the ritual known as the exorcism a priest or a minister performs a sacred right in order to confront Satan and drive him back to hell. It is a ceremony that dates back thousands of years and is considered quite
controversial even within the catholic church.

Just who or what is Satan? why is he determined to corrupt all of humanity? Perhaps the answers can be found in the myths and legends that describe Satan’s ancient origins. In the beginning before the physical universe was created Lucifer was one of the angels created by god and there was a sphere of angels around god worshiping him and Satan as we know at that time was called Lucifer or the day star he was the brightest of the angels.

Lucifer is one of the archangels one of the highest ranking and most beautiful the most beloved of god he is the bringer of light. When god created man in his image he ordered all the angels to worship his image in man and Lucifer refused he stating ” they are mud people we are made of fire” and so he is banished from Gods kingdom. Lucifer grew arrogant he began to challenge god and for this arrogance he lost his heavenly position he was thrown out of the heavens and cast down to earth to roam to the end of time.

All though few references are made to Lucifer in the Hebrew testament he is depicted as an opposer or accuser and is generally acknowledged to have been the inspiration for the serpent in the garden of Eden. According to the book of Genesis God placed two trees in the garden of Eden, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge and forbade Adam and Eve to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge. Satan convinces Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge and she convinces Adam to do so as well and we see that suddenly their whole personality changes there eyes are open.

But is this story of Adam and Eve really a fanciful account of how evil entered the world or might there be another explanation? Lucifer wants to give humanity incredible wisdom that can elevate humankind to the level of gods but the old testament god Yahweh disagrees and humankind are perhaps not worthy of this knowledge and this becomes the battle between god and Lucifer.

Was the serpent’s temptation of Adam and Eve really a case of sabotage? Was it a deliberate effort to seduce mankind into sinning against its creator? or might Lucifer’s real purpose had been to encourage mankind to share the fruits of god’s wisdom?

Could our notion of Satan as the evil force be incorrect? There is much more to the story and that the answers maybe found not only in the pages of the Hebrew bible but on ancient scrolls, scrolls whose origins date back thousands of years. During a series of excavations beginning in 1949 in Qumran West bank archeologists unearth hundreds of ancient scrolls there believed to have been written by a Hebrew sect known as the Essenes more than two thousand years ago, several of the scrolls contain fragments of what is become known as the book of Enoch and the account of a rebellion launched by a group of angels called the Watchers.

One of the most famous parts of the book of Enoch is the story of the Watchers a story of 200 angels that were charged with watching over mankind in its early stages and looking out for them. The Watchers are a group of angels who are dispatched to watch humans and help humans. They are quite interesting as they are angels who interact with humans we see there is a brief reference to them in the book of Genesis but the book of Enoch essentially expands on that story and tells an in depth story which was taken out of the cannon of the bible early in the church’s life but it was in for a period of time.

Once the Watchers begin to interact with humans they become infatuated with this new species and they become lustful of humans and all of a sudden the original commands that they were given seem a lot less interesting to them so they came to a point where they wanted to take wives and have children and so they decided to rebel create bodies marry and bare children.

According to the book of Enoch the leader of this rebellion is a watcher known as Samyaza or Satan-AL could this be the same character we know as Satan? what we are seeing in the story of samyaza and the Watchers is very similar to the story of Lucifer in charge of the angels in both cases we are confronted with a hierarchy of a species which is between us and god the leader of which disagrees with god and wants to live amongst mankind.

Do the ancient accounts of Samyaza’s revolt and Lucifer’s fall suggest that Satan’s efforts to corrupt mankind in the garden of Eden were actually an attempt to give man forbidden knowledge? and might these legends be based not on myth but on actual historical events involving extraterrestrial visitors?. The close examination of the book of Enoch may point to physical evidence of where Satan so called rebellion against god may have actually occurred.

In the book of Enoch is a reference to mount Hermon where angels descended Straddling the border of Syria this legendary mountain as described in the book of Enoch is the peak where Samyaza and the Watchers descended to earth so mount Hermon is a place of connection with the heavens and a port between earth and god. The Watchers being angels from heaven knew the sciences of heaven Samyaza was an expert in enchantment and root cutting you could think of it as witchcraft the casting of spells creating magic and using roots to create potions.

The book of Enoch lists very specifically the subjects that are taught to humans by the Watchers by these angels who begin to share their wisdom with them. The book of Enoch describes mount Hermon as the place where samyaza taught humans about magic and medicine other powerful angels passed on knowledge of metallurgy, weapons, astrology, science and even warfare. The Watchers delivered to humanity the forbidden knowledge of god. All the stories in ancient cultures and cross cultural had these tales of beings who would deliver the forbidden knowledge of gods to humans and they were all condemned for it.

The Watchers through Samyaza give us extraordinary tools which make our lives much better on earth so is Samyaza really a bad guy or did he in fact liberate humans from ignorance? and if Samyaza is actually the forerunner of Satan has Satan actually been misrepresented all of these years?

Is it possible that Samyaza and the other watchers were extraterrestrial beings that gave humanity the foundations for civilization? than if so how did Satan come to be so misunderstood and misinterpreted by history? If we equal Samyaza and Satan what we are confronted with here is larger frame work which basically tells us that Samyaza, Lucifer was here to civilize us. The Watchers were civilizing gods they basically helped us to develop our skills of civilization and so what we are prescribed with here is the conclusion that civilization as we know it is not something divine but is literally satanic it was Satan who gave us the tools of civilization.

Was Satan really a civilizing force for early humans? and if so might further evidence be found by examining other ancient myths and legends? Was the character we know as Satan, Lucifer, The Devil and a whole hosts of other names really be an extraterrestrial being one who broke with his own species in order to live among our distant ancestors? Did he along with other so called fallen angels actually break with god not out of spite or arrogance but instead to help mankind?


Independent Researcher.

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  1. adu balak tanpa modal says:

    Very good written article. It will be supportive to anyone
    who employess it, as well as myself. Keep up the good work – for sure
    i will check out more posts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever wasted my time reading. You have to be a fool to believe this garbage! There is evil in the world. The things taught by the fallen angels only helped mankind become corrupt. Warfare, sorcery and astrology do not bring you closer to our purpose which is to serve the only and ONLY divine creator which is GOD!

  3. Anonymous says:

    That is exactly who and what Satan is- the liberator and true Creator God of the Gentiles.
    Satan means ‘truth’ in Sanskrit, not evil ‘Deciever’ as the disgusting enemy have brainwashed us all to believe!
    Go to to learn the real truth of this great God and his wish for us and the future of humanity before it’s too late!

  4. Christian says:

    Ahh your true colours are exposed! The doctrine of inversion is your goal. Trying to say that the hidden knowledge imparted by the fallen angels is for our good is false.
    War fare death and destruction is not good for humanity. I pray for you that you find the true God the creator of everything.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is Luciferian teaching.

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