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Udayagiri & Khandagiri Caves

 Udayagiri & Khandagiri Caves One of the earliest groups of Jain rock-cut shelters, the caves of Udayagiri (Hill of Sunrise) and Khandagiri (Broken Hill’s) command a unique position in the field of history, rock-cut...

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Life And Times Of Ancient Egypt

What do we know about the lives of the ancient Egyptians? Tomb paintings and sacred hieroglyphic texts show a glimpse into the world of the elite, but information on the lives of ordinary people...



Sorrow The wall that I built To bind myself in the dim When the world outside Pierced through my skin And the steel breeze Swept away my dreams Another day forgotten For I felt...

Gods wrath

wrath of God

Scripture requires that people should not be wrathful (Psalm 37:8; Romans 12:19; Ephesians 4:31; Colossians 3:8). Human wrath is inconsistent with the righteousness of God (James 1:20). Those who are wrathful cannot enter the...

star gate

The Star Gate of Sri Lanka

Drawing of the Sakwala Chakraya –  the Star Gate of Sri Lanka Source: Introduction. There is an amazing and unexplained artifact of an ancient civilization of Sri Lanka carved on the rock in Ranmasu...

earth is not flat

Flat Earth

Is the world flat? According  to some people it is. Their main argument is that NASA tells lies, they say the world is a globe, therefor, the Earth is flat. This argument holds no...

ankh art

Art of Ancient Egypt

Art of ancient Egypt-Beautiful mysterious life and times of our ancestors. Through their art we get a brief look as to how they lived, worshipped and died.

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Voyager 1 A Message For Aliens

At a distance of 137 AU (2.05×1010 km) from the Sun as of December 2016, it is the farthest spacecraft from Earth as well as the farthest man-made object, launched  on September 5, 1977 part of...

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