“METATRON’S CUBE” is the SOURCE of all written language. It contains all of the languages within its design as a controlled and closed cymatic waveform matrix. The Hebrew alphabet is the 6 sided star cut into 22 pieces just as the runic alphabet is the 3 dimensional CUBE within Metatron’s cube that is also cut into pieces.

These pieces and each letter represents a FREQUENCY FIELD that is generated through cymatic response when those letters are SPOKEN. Words SPELL things. Witches use SPELLS to cast manipulative forces on people. Television BROADLY CASTS those SPELLS over the airwaves. Harry potter’s Wand was 11.5 inches long and made of HOLLY WOOD.

Cymatics is the process of cyclonic vortex energy initiation that leads to sound creating matter out of this substance Nikola Tesla called the AETHER. A force of uncollapsed quantum waveform potential containing ALL possibility before being “collapsed” (fallen, as is fallen angels/ANGLES) into material form through DEFINITION by WORDS or SYMBOLS of those frequency fields creating a false paradigm of their own design using the kabbalah and gematria as a mathematical infrastructure.

Brad Olsen: Mind Body & Spirit

Ancient Knowledge of Sophia and Christ

The Samkhya Philosophy

NOTHING they do can exceed the infinite processes involved in human access to the very source of thought itself. That is why they will never be greater than what God truly represents. THE source of ALL human thought that exists OUTSIDE time, space and matter but WE are a CONDUIT for.

They want to CUT that connection by placing humans in a systematic matrix of bullshit symbols controlling people through language and manipulating cymatic response as a form of psychological slavery.

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