Message in the Cell

I was recently reading that science has succeeded in imprinting a message in human DNA without rejecting the code. As amazing as it was for the scientific community to learn of this and the doors it opens, we of the Ancient Alien community have theorized this exact same thing for years.

As excited as I was to hear this theory verified, I was also disappointed that it took this long and wondered how much farther we would have been in decoding our DNA if we would have been looking for that message all along.

Of all the things our Ancient Ancestors built, created and invented time will eventually wear down, erase or erode, even stone. Our Ancestors had enough for thought to realize that man would never understand the message until they achieved a certain level of knowledge and the capability to unlock and read the message.

The simplicity of their idea was their greatest achievement. They had faith in our ability to survive and reach a level of sophistication to comprehend it. They planted it in us, the same beautiful message passed down from parent to child, over and over until this day arrived.

Will someone please read our Ancient Alien Ancestors message and let us in on where home is?

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