July 17 1918 members of the deposed Russian royal family Tzar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra Romanov and their five children are awaken in the middle of the night by Bolshevik soldiers and they are led to the basement of their safe house one after the other they are executed.

Rumors spread that their death was the result of a curse laid upon them by the powerful mystic Grigori Rasputin. A man who had been murdered himself a year and a half prior.

Grigori Rasputin wrote an open letter to Russia and within this transcript he states “if I’m murdered by the royal family or someone related to the royal family within two years every member of the royal family will be dead”.

Just who was this mysterious figure known as Rasputin and how did he come to be so infamously associated with such powers from beyond the grave?.

the evening of January 23 1871 in western Siberia a comet streaks across the Russian sky this celestial event is said to have set the stage for the birth of Grigori Rasputin. From the written records of Maria Rasputin, Grigori Rasputin daughter she wrote that when he was born there were many omens like dogs with six legs being born and babies born with deformities.

From a very early age Grigori Rasputin displayed what some believe to be supernatural powers including psychic premonitions and the ability to heal animals. By the time he reached adulthood he would experience a vision that would alter the trajectory of his peasant life.

One day while plowing his fields Grigori Rasputin sees a strange light in the sky and out from the middle of this light emerges a vision of the virgin Mary. She doesn’t speak to him how ever he watches her gesture to the horizon and Grigori Rasputin takes this to mean that he is being told by the mother of God that he must go and find himself on a spiritual pilgrimage and this begins a huge shift in Rasputin’s life.

But was it really the virgin Mary that appeared to Grigori Rasputin? can it be that what Grigori Rasputin encountered was a very different kind of otherworldly being?

The vision that set Grigori Rasputin on a course of trying to become a religious monk finally led him to the Tsar’s family. This is been a very consistent thing throughout human history people claim that they are being guided, than you have to ask yourself who is guiding them?

It’s clear that there is a definitive alien involvement We have religiousized this understanding, we have developed a mythology a legend around something that we have not fully understood correctly.

In 1905 after years of wandering and developing a reputation as a healer that Grigori Rasputin was introduced to the Russian royal family. The reason why the royal family took interest in Rasputin is the problem they have with their only son Alexei who is hemophiliac. It become very clear from the earliest visits to the palace that with Rasputin’s prayers, his gaze, his physiological penetration that he is able to help stop the bleeding.

Grigori Rasputin certainly had a powerful magnetic presence and he gained great favor with the Tsar’s family some felt he was one of the most powerful people in Russia at the time but he also made some powerful enemies.

Grigori Rasputin’s behavior became an area of concern for the nobility, he was seen to be debaucherous, he was involved in orgies, he was a heavy drinker, he was often seen battling with what seemed like himself out loud as he walked through the streets.

Rasputin’s erratic behavior would earn him the nickname The Mad Monk, The Black Monk but might he had really be functioning as a vessel for other worldly forces, forces which he had little if any control over?.


This idea of channeling essentially implies that you are a conduit to a different world or to a different realm so than the question arises “are you in control of that conduit or not?”. Grigori Rasputin could have been used or otherwise possessed he comes along as a pawn in a much bigger game.

On the night of Dec 16 1916 Grigori Rasputin is lured to the home of prince Felix Yusupov, Yusupov and his conspirators were convinced that Rasputin was sent to destroy the royal family and was being led by forces of darkness.

Yusupov offers Grigori Rasputin cakes that he has laced with cyanide and Madeira wine that is also poisoned. Felix Yusupov became anxious because Rasputin has not died despite consuming what he thinks is prodigious amounts of cyanide. He makes an excuse and goes upstairs o speak with the other conspirators and procured a gun from them and goes back downstairs and shot Grigori Rasputin and thinks he has killed him.

Rasputin however is still alive, he crawls out of the cellar and out into the courtyard where he is bleeding profusely on the snow. Yusupov and his conspirators than panicked and shot Grigori through the head and began beating his body beyond the point that someone should have died. They than tied him up and threw him into the cold Malaya Nevka river.

Rasputin’s body was found frozen solid in the ice of the river and showed he had managed to free himself from the shackles while drowning in the Malaya Nevka river.

Grigori Rasputin would not die and what would have killed a normal man did not kill him this raises a very interesting question was Rasputin somehow protected? could it be that there were alien dark forces working through Grigori and possibly protecting him? might these same forces have led to the assassination of the Tzars family an outcome which Gregory Rasputin had prophesied if so are there other humans on earth that serve as foot soldiers for an other worldly cause?.


Independent Researcher.

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