Energys Matter

Quantum inflation and universal inflation are directly related.

Some people may think that If the cosmos wasn’t expanding, quantum inflation would be impossible.

One would think so, but in the initial, the very first universal creation it was not the case.

Ours is not the first universal creation, so for our universe, the two are directly related.

Quantum mechanics were absent in the very first original universal creation, Since there had not been any quantum particles before then, quantum particles were born originally in the very first universal creation. All the original particles were created by some intelligence in the 11th dimension and thrown randomly into a pre-constructed void. Even the creators had no idea of how the very first universe would be like or how.much power output would be created.

You might call all this an ongoing chain reaction, one universe branching into another and so on.

Where the dark matter is thinnest if a super massive black hole strays in such an area, a new big bang can occur like a tree budding a new branch.

Look at any tree, and you will see universal creation.

This is why it instinctively called the tree of life.

A religious metaphor, that actually describes the shape of all unknown universal masses.

Initially, the seeds of particles were planted into a void like a containment field in the 11th dimension.

Now expand this tree and look at the larger picture of a whole forest of trees of life.

All religious texts only tell of one of the seedlings being planted (In reality the number may be mind-boggling to us because of our size and dimention we exist in, we exist in the 3rd dimension, we are but a simple insignificant byproduct of this universal creation.

No, we are not God’s greatest creation, just a byproduct.

God’s greatest creations are the universes.

His first-hand creation was the very first universal creation. In the 11th dimension We live in a universe budded somewhere on a tree of life in a forest of trees.

The ultimate goal is energy creation and consumption, just like a fusion reaction, but on an unimaginable scale. We now know early original theories based on a universe born from nothing are totally incorrect.

There must be mass already there to get energy, in return energy creates mass.

Even during the original creation, the creators provided the mass of the particles to initiate the chain reaction of perpetual universal creation that is still happening this very moment.

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