Category: World Mystery

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Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro an ancient, heavily populated city in Pakistan was instantly destroyed 2000 bce by an incredible explosion that could only have been caused by an atomic bomb. The description of the immense power...

Phennix legend


THE LEGEND OF THE PHOENIX The beautiful, legendary bird that lived in Arabia and, according to myth, consumed itself by fire every 500 years. A new, young phoenix — just as breathtaking — sprang...

Was Atlantis real?

Was Atlantis real? We’ll probably never be able to prove such a rich and powerful land that suddenly went belly up in the Atlantic Ocean never existed. The story of Atlantis is usually referred...

moon and earth

The Earth and the Moon

The Earth and the Moon The Earth has also experienced its share of meteoritic bombardment; it’s not obvious because most of the craters have been erased by wind and water erosion. The most famous...

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