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NASA Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy NASA Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory Bill Kaysing predicted in 1959 the chances of getting a man to the moon and back was very low due to the radiation and micro meters that may...


The Case for Nibiru

These are my views about Nibiru. No one is forced to agree with me, but I hope people will find this useful. There are four objects that people are calling Nibiru. The object that...

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converted sound waves

Chirp Chirp When converted into sound waves, the gravitational waves from black hole mergers make a telltale “chirp” noise, which crescendos and increases in frequency as the black holes spiral inward. The most recent...

earth is not flat

Flat Earth

Is the world flat? According  to some people it is. Their main argument is that NASA tells lies, they say the world is a globe, therefor, the Earth is flat. This argument holds no...

Voyager 1

Voyager 1 A Message For Aliens

Voyager 1 At a distance of 137 AU (2.05×1010 km) from the Sun as of December 2016, it is the farthest spacecraft from Earth as well as the farthest man-made object, launched  on September 5, 1977...

white hole

Black holes and white holes

Black holes are created when stars die catastrophically in a supernova. Black holes are places in the Universe where matter and energy are compacted so densely together that their escape velocity is greater than...

Empire of Elohim

Empire of Elohim

Empire of Elohim with a vertical military command structure descended from the God, Yahweh. Not only were the Elohim actively involved in earthly conflicts and conquests in the ancient world, but they also engaged...

The Comet Venus

The Comet Venus During the centuries when Venus was a comet it had a tail. What could give Venus the appearance of a star throwing out smoke? The Vedas said that the star Venus...

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