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divine reality

A true Watcher

Within the soul of each mortal dwells a watcher, one who waits patiently for the time when their charge will cry out for a consciousness of the divine realities..and when this occurs, the inner...



Sorrow The wall that I built To bind myself in the dim When the world outside Pierced through my skin And the steel breeze Swept away my dreams Another day forgotten For I felt...


Child of Earth

Child of Earth My dear child made of the beautiful Earth Strong as the wind, bright as the sun You stand tall as the trees Your hair light as sand Your eyes as brown...



Ravens My spirit animal the bird I will not be caged I will flow like the river Through the bright blue sky’s I will sail my vessel I will fly Then when the time...


The Box

The box The box laid in the room, closed up The box had never been open, only shut Too often they were told not to peek Every time they tried, they were told not...

broken planet

Broken Planet

Broken Planet     Humanity and Immortality is this where we truly come from My essence belongs to mother Earth whatever the outcome I’ve made this choice freely a deal you might say Between...



The Storm She sits, she breaths in and out She thinks about what life’s about She doesn’t know where she belongs She believes her whole life is wrong Her storm brews stronger each day...

Truth Seeker

Truth Speaker Truth Seeker

Truth Speaker Truth Seeker,  eyes wide open,  dismiss the ones who tell you your broken, that’s a mind control token. I am you and you are me, all beautiful energies of creativity. Wisdom and...

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