Phennix legend


THE LEGEND OF THE PHOENIX The beautiful, legendary bird that lived in Arabia and, according to myth, consumed itself by fire every 500 years. A new, young phoenix — just as breathtaking — sprang...

earth is not flat

Flat Earth

Is the world flat? According  to some people it is. Their main argument is that NASA tells lies, they say the world is a globe, therefor, the Earth is flat. This argument holds no...

Aduno tal

Are the Dogon talking about our universe, if so how would they know that?  

Truth Seeker

Truth Speaker Truth Seeker

Truth Speaker Truth Seeker,  eyes wide open,  dismiss the ones who tell you your broken, that’s a mind control token. I am you and you are me, all beautiful energies of creativity. Wisdom and...

Higher Dimensions

The idea of a reality that consists on more than the 3 spatial dimensions that we are used to is somewhat incomprehensible to us because the human brain is programmed to think in only...


  In the aftermath of all the confusion in the world When will we all finally see, That together we can all be free?

Osiris The Drone

We all have heard the story of Osiris the Egyptian King turned god at some point in our life, and his famous sister/wife Isis. The more I heard the story it made absolute no...

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