Category: Ancient Aliens

Utu / Shamash / Allah

  Utu / Shamash / Allah married to Aya, she has no ruling number Utu is son to Nannar, grandson to Enlil, nephew to Adad, twin to Inanna Utu is heir to Nannar /...

Jesus kingdom of heaven


As we turn to the New Testament for further insight into the Hebrew extraterrestrial worldview, we continue the practice of transliteration of the corresponding Greek-to-English texts in the same manner as before, with a...

cosmic wars

Star wars prominent malevolent beings

Star wars we will undertake a brief analysis of those texts that refer to the Bible’s most prominent malevolent beings. Commonly referred to as Satan, devil(s) and demons, these dominantly evil beings are depicted as...



Why would the Reptilian species come to our planet? What is it about earth that would draw them here? Our climate or perhaps a plentiful source of food? What would cause them to make...

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