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  Reptilian   Why would the Reptilian species come to our planet? What is it about earth that would draw them here? Our climate or perhaps a plentiful source of food? What would cause...

ancient alien suit

Ancient Astronauts

Ancient Astronauts     Someone once said there is no such thing as coincidence and i agree. I have assembled a gallery of pictures from all over the world to best prove to you...


Humans The Unperfect Alien

Humans The Unperfect Alien   Humans, so beautifully complicated lumps of flesh, blood and bones. Fragile beings who walk upright, communicates thru utterances and is un-adapted to life on earth! Of all the species...


Was Jesus an Alien?

Was Jesus an Alien? By Cheryl McDonald I find as Christmas approaches I am pondering the same question I ask ¬†every year, “Is Jesus Human, Alien or Both?” The more research I do into...

Who or What Is the New Kid On the Block?

Who or What Is the New Kid On the Block? By Cheryl McDonald   Just when we think science¬†has categorized the evolution of man and we are told who our ancestors are, up jumps...

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