THE ANCIENT CODE – DECODING THE MESSAGE WITHIN THE MONUMENTS The gravitational pull and the mystique of global ancient monuments attract millions of tourists every year.  The guesswork, the theorizing and a taught general belief of what these magnificent relics were built for and what they are indeed telling us.

Michael Feeley


The gravitational pull and the mystique of global ancient monuments attract millions of tourists every year.  The guesswork, the theorizing and a taught general belief of what these magnificent relics were built for and what they are indeed telling us. The masses are at the mercy of scholars and Egyptologists who know more than they are letting on, but instead choosing to create a smoke-screen and a false account of history to cover up a greater truth.

I was once a UK police officer with 17 years of investigative training and I can spot evidence from both a long and short distance and I can piece it together so that the bigger picture becomes entirely manifest. And I can see such a bigger picture within all of the ancient monuments of the world and even further afield to planet Mars which is also connected. I can tell you exactly what these famous monuments represent and what they were built to resemble and replicate and the messages encoded within the many structures and monoliths show us that ancient cultures were connected as they are all telling us the same hidden and encoded message and it is for us to decipher that message and I have done just that, I have deciphered their codes. The next several paragraphs will give you an insight into that code, but it goes much deeper than the remits of an article will allow and for that reason I have written a book entitled ‘The Ancient Code – A Serpent Fire’ which takes you to the very heart of esoteric and gnostic knowledge and leaves you in no doubt that history as we have been taught to believe is false. Sacred information and advanced knowledge of self has been deliberately concealed for everyone except the chosen initiates.

The ancients and the Gnostic and Gnostic means to know or more specifically to know self, were the seekers of enlightened consciousness, through the balance of their own vessel. This is true of the likes of Stonehenge in the UK and the Giza Plateau which houses the pyramids of Egypt.  I will now detail a little about ancient Egypt and its pyramids.

So what is consciousness?

It is defined as such:

“Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined variously in terms of sentience, awareness, qualia, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood or soul, the fact that there is something “that it is like” to “have” or “be” it, and the executive control system of the mind. In contemporary philosophy its definition is often hinted at via the logical possibility of its absence, the philosophical zombie, which is defined as a being whose behaviour and function are identical to one’s own yet there is “no-one in there” experiencing it”.

Then we of course have ‘enlightened consciousness’ which is a spiritual awareness which is a higher level of awareness still. When we look at the word Pharaoh which means ‘Great Mind’ and great can also mean multidimensional, we are heading straight to Golgotha the place of skulls in biblical text and the human head where consciousness resides. I have also found a bible code that severely challenges what we are told is the real identity and meaning of the characters and stories of this book, but that is for another time.

There are numerous pyramids around the world and indeed in the Cydonian city on Mars but why this tetrahedron shape and what is its significance?  The pyramid/tetrahedron is the model of consciousness, yes that word again! From the molecules of water that spin and link together to form a tetrahedron at which point they develop a consciousness to the platonic element of fire which is the tetrahedron to pyramidal neurons (pyramid shaped) within the brain that deal with ‘advanced cognitive functions’ which includes consciousness and knowledge this is the shape that models this and this is why we have so many pyramid shaped monuments around the world.

Nikola Tesla once said “ If you only knew the magnificence of 3,6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe” and this is why we have 9 pyramids on the Giza Plateau of Egypt set out in 3 sets of 3, which is 3,6 and 9. It is a harmonic code.  And in terms of mathematics, the Great pyramid especially contains the mathematical sequences of PI, the Golden Mean/Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence.

Contrary to popular belief these sequences are not simply there for numerical reasons, they are there because they all contain conscious raising frequencies. PI vibrates at 528 Hertz which is the Miracle tone, the Golden Ratio/Mean and Fibonacci sequence vibrates at 432 hertz which is the God frequency that balances the third dimension. 432 hertz also has encoded within its digits the states of the brain and the coordinates of the human atomic structure and genetics. Within the Kings chamber we see the number 5 which is used several times and the number 5 is the pentagram which is the number of ‘realized man’. The inner dimensions of the pentagram are 108 degrees, 108 in terms of hertz is the frequency of ‘total knowing’. There are also other mathematical consciousness frequencies that were also used.

To add to this when we look at the African Prime Meridian (chakra system of the land) we can see that Giza is situated where the third eye system is located. The third eye system is the mechanism for spiritual sight within the human brain called the ‘endocrine’ system and endocrine means secretion within (secretion = secret).  The third eye system together vibrates at 144 hertz and there were 144,000 outer limestone that cased the Great pyramid. Limestone and Gold (pyramid capstone) vibrate at 590 NM (Nanometres) which again has consciousness raising properties. 144 is light which activates these master glands of the brain.

The pyramids were a giant replica of the endocrine system within the brain which is spiritual sight.  And to prove this further when you place a human head as an overlay over the Great pyramid, facing north, as the pineal gland is known as the north gate, then we can see the following become manifest. The Great Pyramid is also locked due North for the same reason.

Where the King’s chamber is situated is where the pineal gland is located, where the Queen’s chamber is situated is where the pituitary gland is located and within this we have the Thalamus (sun) therefore we have the Egyptian gods, Osiris (pineal gland), Isis (pituitary gland) and Horus (Thalamus) and they are symbolic of the three master glands of the human third eye system.

When we look at the shafts of the pyramids we can see that the Queens Chamber shaft faces Sirius ‘A’ and the pituitary gland is known as the ‘star chamber of Isis’. Sirius ‘A’ is also associated with Isis.

The shaft of Osiris faces Orion and Osiris is associated with the constellation of Orion. On the opposite side of the pyramid the shafts are facing Draco or as it would have been known in ancient Egypt, the Cobra/Serpent. The Cobra/Serpent is symbolic of wisdom but is also associated with the balance of opposites and leaving the physical world. And this balance of opposites, the chemical marriage of King and Queen, causes a ‘Consciousness Fusion or Neuropsychological Awakening’ and enlightenment through Kundalini awakening, a serpent fire. Kundalini is a white liquid fire that causes either a sudden or gradual increase in bioenergy. I have personally seen kundalini energy leaving my feet.

There is so much more that I could have detailed in relation to this advanced ancient culture but in essence they had advanced knowledge of sound and genetics and the anatomy of the brain. Their message has traveled thousands of years to find me, I have even been visited by an Egyptian Pharaoh, who decided to walk alongside me, a scarab beetle that manifested out of thin air and as I have previously stated by a kundalini serpent of fire.

This message is a blueprint that I have decoded that spans the whole of the ancient world from the Sumerian Annunaki scrolls, of which I have a different interpretation to that of the late Zecharia Sitchen, the Bible, Stonehenge as an Earth harnessing Kundalini system using concentric circles upon energy grid lines, to even King Arthur legend and Santa Claus. The message is widespread and has been completely missed. I have joined the many dots that others have not been able to do and I now have the bigger picture that connects the ancient world to the modern era. The modern era hides this information within company brands and logos and alike and the ancient world hid this information within their monuments, just waiting to be found and revealed.

I have now done just that.

So who and what guard’s this knowledge in Egypt? It is the giant Sphinx which faces east and east in cardinal points represents ‘Illumination and Enlightenment’.

So until the next time, thank you very much for reading this article and as always my best wishes

Michael Feeley

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