What other explanations are there for pieces of evidence that have been found that weren't humanly possible for humans to create?

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  1. jez says:

    Hey don’t get me wrong i’m all up for aliens, its hard to imagine that in the infinity of space that we could be truly alone. Hey even the idea that they might have visited or even continue to do so I can accept, i have my own thoughts on this matter. However you know getting stones to fit together is pretty simple, very labour intensive but simple even with stone tools so long as you have a large work force it can be done. The temple/ fortress at Ollantaytambo is massive which could explain why the building was abandoned because it took too long and depleted the population. This goes for a lot of the wonders of the ancient world, large slave workforce. Also you could try to just use capitals at the start of sentences not on every word it makes the text hard to read.

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