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Alchemist Healing: Gold Ash Powder

Knowledge from the beyond, not of this world, another dimension Possibly?

Alchemist Healing: Gold Ash Powder 1966 Yangon, Myanmar U Shien Sayargyi while meditating in front of an alter in his home which represents his window to the spiritual dimension from which he receives his instructions is instructed to leave the army or he will die. Although suffering from injuries he first dismisses the warnings and only after sometime he agreed to resign from the army.His contacts in this dimension are his grandfather his mother and his spiritual master. All three help him from the beyond to conduct his work without mistake.He takes up a connection with them through meditation. He consulted the lama who became his teacher and explained to him that what he heard were the voices of the Divas the compassionate sisters of the beyond.

The Divas revealed the formula in his dreams to U Shein Sayagyi who had to proceed exactly as he had dreamed. When he didn’t know how to continue he waited for the next dream. The entire revelation took 14 years to complete.

Gold ash powder is made of 10 different metals melted together. A large portion consists of gold together with various fruits and herbs which are fermented for months in ceramic pots. The alloys are processed into a repeatedly distilled concentrate until there remains a damp mixture which is placed in the sun to dry to create tablets for ingestion. Gold Ash Powder can also be consumed in its liquid form which is of higher concentrate.

If someone wanted to reproduce this medicine they would have to study with U Shein Sayagyi under the special conditions and skills involved for years and even that wouldn’t guarantee successful reproduction.

Sayargyi founded his healing clinic in 1966 in Yangon, Myanmar. Patients come from all over the world for medical treatment and advice from the healer-sage. Gold Ash Powder has successfully treated strokes, heart attacks, paralysis, HIV, and lung cancer.

Gold Ash Powder is created through a combination of material, spiritual, and secret alchemist techniques to ensure the substance’s purity, Sayargyi takes the product through a complex 22-year process that involves melting gold and other metals together more than 100 times.


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    Before I try anything like this id love to know if anybody here has ? And did it work.

  2. Zunaira Tahir says:

    That’s quite subtle. But, a best product piece indeed!!

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