Achievements of Sambhaji Maharaj

Achievements of Sambhaji Maharaj

Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj was born in Purandar fort on 14th May 1657. Saibai was mother of Sambhaji. Grandmother Jijamata took care of Sambhaji because of death of Saibai when he was just 2 years old. Sambhaji Maharaj in Marathi is also known as Chhava, which means Cub of a Lion. He was a scholar of Sanskrit and eight other languages.

Soyarabai wanted her son Rajaram to become Maharaj after Shivaji, so return of Sambhaji was not helpful for her selfish cause. Rumours ran thick and fast among Marathas that wife Soyarabai had poisoned Shivaji.

The remarkable things that Sambhaji Maharaj achieved in his short life had far-reaching effects on the whole of India. Every Hindu should be grateful to him for that. He valiantly faced the 8 lakh strong army of Aurangzeb and defeated several Mughal chieftains in the battlefield forcing them to retreat. Because of this, Aurangzeb remained engaged in battles in Maharashtra, thus keeping the rest of India free from Aurangzeb’s tyranny for a long time. This can be considered as the greatest achievement of Sambhaji Maharaj. If Sambhaji Maharaj would have arrived at a settlement with Aurangzeb and accepted his proposal of being a tributary prince, then within the next 2 or 3 years Aurangzeb would have captured North India again. However, because of Sambhaji Maharaj and other Maratha ruler’s (later on Rajaram and Mahraani Tarabai) struggle, Aurangzeb was stuck in battles in South India for 27 years. This helped in the establishment of new Hindu kingdoms in the provinces of Bundelkhand, Punjab and Rajasthan in North India; thus providing safety to the Hindu society there.

Mass Reverts and Ghar Wapasi of Former Hindus Under Sambhaji Maharaj

Shivaji Maharaj reverted Netaji Palkar to Hinduism who was forcibly converted into death cult islam. Shivaji was a devout Hindu and strongly believed in protecting Hinduism. Sambhaji took the legacy and went a step ahead to further realize dreams of Shivaji Maharaj. Here it is very important to note that Sambhaji Maharaj had established a separate department in his province for the ‘re conversion ceremony’ of the Hindus who had earlier converted into other religions due to allurement, force and deceit. There is a famous incident of a Brahmin named ‘Kulkarni’ of Harsul village in the history of Sambhaji Maharaj. Kulkarni had been forcibly converted to Islam by the Mugfuls. He tried to reconvert into Hinduism, but local Brahmins in his village did not paid heed to his pleas, as they thought he became impure by accepting anti-Vedic Islam. In the end, Kulkarni met Sambhaji Maharaj and told him about his misery. Sambhaji Maharaj immediately arranged for his re conversion ceremony and reverted him as a Hindu. This noble initiative of Sambhaji Maharaj encouraged  many converted Hindus to come back into Hinduism. Many other former Hindus came forward and reverted to Hinduism.

The gruesome murder of Brave Hindu King Sambhaji Raje and his body pieces fed to dogs. Sambhaji got the title of Dharamveer, the warrior of Dharma due his unending love and pride for Hinduism.

Must follow up for Hindus: Our concocted history never gave importance to real Hindu rulers who fought for humanity and dharma but glorified undignified filth like terrorist aurangzebcruel akbar and traitor tipu – incorrectly calling them as Great, Mighty or Shahenshah. We cannot let our unforgotten heroes sacrifice go unnoticed because they sacrificed their lives for us – it is because of them that we are Hindus today. The responsibility lies on us to spread their sacrifice and invoke sense of pride, aggression and unity among Hindus. We all pledge that we will share the post with at least five of our close Hindu friends and well-wishers.

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  1. sherry.putnam.73 says:

    The most remarkable thing that Sambhaji Maharaj achieved in his short life had far reaching effects on India a remarkable man indeed he faced his battles and many retreated and many he won gallantly .

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