Mission statement:

This project is dedicated in discovering the truth about our ancient past and extraterrestrial contact.

We want to research and discover the truth, discuss all topics related to our remote ancient past. Watchers Talk presents in-depth research in ancient studies, resources on the UFO phenomenon and all other matters strange and unusual.

Watchers Talk Radio aims to raise awareness about the human history extraterrestrial  phenomenon, up to date news about new discoveries and updates on ongoing megalithic sites around the world and to show the extent of serious, scientific information and evidence available on these extremely important subjects of our age.

Our website will continue to grow with new content added regularly in order to keep our followers updated with fresh breaking news!

Watchers Talk also collects current and past UFO sighting reports from around the world, and presents these reports on the website.

We believe it is important to share knowledge in order to seek the truth and disclosure.

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