Is This An Ancient Pyramid That Blew Up?

360° Gunung Padang Megalithic Site


Gunung Padang is a megalithic site located in Karyamukti village, Cianjur regency, West Java Province of Indonesia, 50 km southwest of the city of Cianjur or 6 kilometers from Lampegan station. It has been called the largest megalithic site in all of Southeastern Asia, and has produced carbon dating results which, if confirmed, suggest it is extraordinarily old. The survey believes that Gunung Padang was built in four different eras.

Located at 885 meters above sea level, the site covers a hill in a series of terraces bordered by retaining walls of stone that are accessed by about 400 successive and site steps rising about 95 meters. It is covered with massive rectangular stones of volcanic origin. The Sundanese people consider the site sacred and believe it was the result of King Siliwangi’s attempt to build a palace in one night. The asymmetric Punden Berundak faces northwest, to Mount Gede and was constructed for the purpose of worship. Based on various dating techniques, the site was completed by 5000 BC and quite likely much earlier.
On October 1, 2014, surveyors halted excavation activities temporarily due to these facts and recommendations:[6]
  • There is a large structure below the surface
  • A core zone site area has been confirmed
  • Many man-made artifacts have been discovered
  • The construction of the site spans four eras
A recommendation has been made to extend the survey, renovation concept, conservation and management of the site.


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  1. sherry.putnam.73 says:

    The mystery intrigues me and so I hire a driver and set out early one morning to head to this site myself. It’s called Gunung Padang and is far off the tourist trail. From Jakarta, it takes about four hours in a car to get there. Although the distance isn’t so great, the roads get clogged with traffic as we pass through small towns and we’re forced to slow down as we wind through uneven volcanic terrain. The last hour is on an unsurfaced rocky path.

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