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Saturn’s Auroras

    Researchers using the NASA,  ESA Hubble telescope took advantage of a rare opportunity to record Saturn when its rings are edge on resulting in a unique movie featuring both of giant planets...

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  In the aftermath of all the confusion in the world When will we all finally see, That together we can all be free? 0

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Mami Wata / Mammywata

  Mami Wata / Mammywata – (Coastal & Western Africa) “Mami Wata” where “Mami” is the Pidgin English spelling of mammy (mother) “Wata” is the Pidgin English spelling of water is essentially a mermaid...

Teotihuacan, Mexico....June 8, 2016....View of the Avenue of the Dead and the Moon pyramid with Cerro Gordo mountain in the background.... 0

Rethinking Royal Ruins….

New Views Of The Ancient City Of Teotihuacan….   A group of researchers at the Arizona State University is shining new light on the political history of one of the most popular tourist sites...

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  Oneness Singularity   We are literally taking the Earth inside of ourselves at all times. Every day, every moment, we are taking the Earth’s atmosphere inside of ourselves to sustain our lives. To...